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Two women kidnapped and abandoned in Cayo

Twenty-eight year old Cinthia Ulloa and her friend, Kristie Mejia, were socializing in Sunset Park on Tuesday when their night took an almost deadly turn. The women were sitting inside Mejia’s vehicle, in front of Mejia’s house, when they were approached by 3 men who demanded to enter the car. The men then drove the women on to the Hummingbird Highway and abandoned them in some bushes near Armenia Village. The women were found walking along the highway by Belmopan police some three hours later.

ACP Joseph Myvett Head N.C.I.B.:  “On Tuesday night sometime around 8:40 PM Belize City police received information that one Cinthia Ulloa 28 years was along with Kristie Mejia at Sunset Park inside her vehicle which is a silver in color Toyota Land Cruiser and according to her that whilst they were inside her vehicle they were approached by three male persons, one of whom was armed. Those persons directed that they get into the back of their vehicle and as a result they were driven to an area on the Hummingbird Highway just outside Armenia Village where they were later found by Police shortly after midnight on the said Tuesday. So far police have not recovered the vehicle and we are investigating the matter. As far as we know, we do not know if it is random, I believe C.I.B. Belize City is dealing with the issue but from Belmopan side, we are following on several other informations in relation to this investigation.”

The men reportedly also stole a gold necklace, a watch, a purse containing $800 as well as other items. The cost of everything stolen, including the vehicle, amounted to $75,300.