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Two Years Behind Bars for Forgery

Thirty-four year old Sylvin Bodden, charged with claiming upon a forged document, was sentenced to 2 years today by Justice Adolph Lucas after he pled guilty to the charge. Justice Lucas stipulated that the sentence is to take effect from October 25, 2016 and it is to run concurrently with the remainder of a sentence of 2 and a half years that Bodden is serving for a conviction of burglary he got in December 2014. Before he decided on the sentence, Justice Lucas heard a plea for mitigation from Bodden’s attorney, Christelle Wilson. The incident occurred on February 14, 2009. The facts are that Bodden cashed a NICH Belize Bank cheque for $500 by purchasing a wristwatch and a pair of sun glasses from Golden Bay Store on Craig Street. It was later discovered that the cheque was not genuine. Initially, Bodden was also charged with uttering upon a forged document and obtaining property by deception but those charges were withdrawn by the Crown. The Crown was represented by Crown Counsel Sheringe Rodriguez.