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Tzib and Blancaneaux’s Relationship Described as Volatile

The weekend murder of 30-year-old, Thytis James Blancaneaux has triggered varied emotions particularly since it involved, 24-year-old, Keyren Tzib, a Seaman of the Belize Coast Guard who was out on bail after allegedly shooting a co-worker on Easter Monday this year.  Tzib was taken back to court yesterday where she was arraigned for manslaughter after the Director of Public Prosecutions directed that she not be charged with murder.  Love News met up with the sister of the deceased, Minerva Blancaneaux, who told Love News that the relationship was volatile and that they had warned their brother to get out of the relationship.


“Honestly they got together sometime last October after her own issues; she went to spend some time with an aunt in the village where we live and that’s where they met. They got together then we got the news they had moved from the village and were living in Cotton Tree at the time for a while with my step sister and from there they moved to Lord’s Bank, closer to her family. We knew nothing about the young lady other than she was in the Coast Guard and then it wasn’t until after my mom passed away in April over Easter, the same weekend we  buried my mom we found out that the young lady got into that incident with her coworker and she was arrested. My brother contacted us at the time to let us know but we still had not met her as yet and when they had nine night service for my mom she was still in custody. She was at Hattieville at that point and he went alone and then it was sometime Blancaneaux 2later in April or early May where he called to ask if they could come up to spend the weekend so they came to the house and that was a disaster. It reached the point where we told him, he was welcome to come back but he couldn’t bring her to the house anymore because her behavior was really out of order. We didn’t appreciate some of the things she did. They ended up in an altercation there because she was drinking and she was not supposed to be because she was on medication. He tried to get her to stop. She wouldn’t listen, she stormed out, went to a bar, he chased behind her despite our request to just leave her be. He followed her, they got into a fight, she hit him in the face with a bottle and he bit her in the arm. He ended up locked up that night and he got charged the next day for it and that’s a fine still pending in San Ignacio. At that point when she went back to the house to pick up her belongings she said that she was tired of it, she was tired, that was it, she was finished. I went to his court case, saw it through. When he got done he went to the house, he asked for a bag to go pack his stuff, he was going to leave, according to him. We didn’t believe it. He left and we didn’t hear anything from him for a few days, next thing you hear they are back together sweet as ever and I guess speaking to the landlord today when we went to pick up his belongings in his estimation they were in love, as crazy as it was. Their relationship I guess the best way to describe it was volatile. She was clearly very unstable and that’s from our observations when she was in our home and he also had many of his own issues because they both had baggage and its unfortunate the way things turned out and to a large extent I think they were trying their best to balance each other out but they both needed so much help that just was not possible. Everybody saw it but they just refused to accept that and they were both adults so there was nothing anybody could do but leave them alone and this is the result because when he left the house that day we told him that if the two of you do not get a handle on your drinking and learn to control yourselves, it more than likely will end up that one of you will end up killing the other. And it stayed like that so we can’t really say that we were surprised but just the fact that it actually happened is still a shock.”
Also speaking on what the couple’s relationship was like were a friend and their landlord.


“Well the man was a cool guy but I don’t know what happened after that or behind the curtain but when the man was hanging out with us he was alright. I’ve known the man six months. To me in my eyes he is a cool guy and the way he talked he was a soldier in words. They had problems and they did but I didn’t know they would have taken it like this so it caught us off guard because I thought they had already resolved that. When I saw him and watched him down there it was hard to believe that this happened in a minute’s time.”


“They talked violently almost every day. Sometimes they would come to a clash that was daily routine but onto this case, this is the very first and the last time.”