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U.S. Supreme Court denies Belize’s Petition

On Monday the U.S. Supreme Court denied a petition made by the Government of Belize. On August 8, 2017, GOB submitted an application for a writ of certiorari, a petition which losing party files with the Supreme Court, asking the Supreme Court to review the decision of a lower court. In this case, the Government was requesting the U.S. Supreme Court to review the ruling handed down by District of Columbia Circuit which enforced an eighteen point five million dollars London arbitral award against the Government of Belize. In its petition, Government’s attorney argued that that the ruling was incorrect because Belize is not a party to the New York Convention. The case revolves around an agreement signed by the then Prime Minister Said Musa and Belize Bank Limited for the payment of Universal Health Services’ debt which Prime Minister Dean Barrow views as unlawful.