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U13 Basketball team brings the championship home from Cancun

Belize’s Under 13 team was also at the event in Cancun and returned home as champions. Their Coach Raheem Staine says they received an invite to the tournament and decided to take on the challenge. Players Jameer Young and Luis Sosa also spoke of their experience.

Coach Raheem Staine: The guys we put in a lot of work since 3 months back, we began working out right after the tournament where we were in before where we came in third. We decided to put in more working out : three times a week and that basically got the players ready and they were focused when they got out there so they knew what they had to do and they really wanted to win so they played with heart so that they came out on top. Form this tournament we go into a next tournament next weekend whereby they were invited to play in another tournament based on their success whereby we will be in Bacalar and further we were invited to go to Cozumel for another one in November also just because they were interested in, they invited our team because they like the way we play. They give us another chance to defend our title in the tournaments that are in the Mexico.

Players Jameer Young: This is my second tournament beside the Amadia Tournament. The Hoops on the Beach Tournament is my first international tournament in which I have been out of the country to play basketball and represent Belize. It feels good because we put in a lot of work, working out for about three months, getting to know new players from different teams and other organization like recently we added from the Amadia league that we saw were pretty good during the season so that’s why I think our coach added them and they fit with the team a very nice.

Player Luis Sosa: I had a good experience playing with people from around the country, I had fun.

Ava Diaz: Were you satisfied with your performance?

Player Luis Sosa: I was satisfied, I scored and play defense.

Ava Diaz: And so do you feel that you were prepared, you guys brought home the championship, what was the feeling like?

Player Luis Sosa: It was a good feeling because work out all day long and just went out there and play hot.

Staine says the team continues their trainings in preparation for upcoming games.