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UB Celebrate 22 Years

The University of Belize yesterday celebrated its 22nd anniversary. On August 1, 2000, the University of Belize (UB) was created from a merger of five institutions: the University College of Belize (UCB), the Belize Technical College (BTC), the Belize Teachers’ Training College (BTTC), the Belize School of Nursing (BSN), and the Belize College of Agriculture (BCA).In 2004, the main campus was officially moved to Belmopan City. UB now offers programs from its main campus in Belmopan, and from three other locations: Belize City campus, Central Farm campus, and its southern campus in Punta Gorda. UB also owns and manages two marine field stations at Calabash and Hunting Caye. “The University of Belize is a national, autonomous and multi-location institution committed to excellence in higher education, research and service for national development. UB President Dr Vincent Palacio along with Education Minister Francis Fonseca and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Anthony Sylvestre shared some words. 

Dr.Vincent Palacio, Interim President, University of Belize: “To produce more innovative graduates we too must innovate as we did over the past year to instill this value in our students. Over the past 12 months we carried out the following initiatives. UB launched the official recruiting period for Belize’s first medical school which is scheduled to open its doors in August of 2023 to produce its first cohort of medical doctors. We responded to the needs of the Ministry of Health and are running another cohort of midwifery professionals in our midwifery certification program. We organized a reparation forum to draw more attention to the extremely timely and relevant social issues of national importance.” 

Anthony Sylvestre, Chair, UB Board of Trustees: “Of course it is vitally important as well as the public, stakeholders and taxpayers know that the National University is living up to its stated goal as articulated in the UB act; that is to provide teaching, research and offer services to address the national developmental needs. In this regard the board of trustees has approved the establishment of a Governance Commission to examine the performance of the national university in relation to its research development and innovation to support the country’s advancement, management practices and its features of transparency and accountability within the university. The process of recruitment of management faculty and staff, the relationship between management,  staff and students and the funding of the university from its birth to present. The commission is now fully selected and so we anticipate that that body will commence its work no later than October this year.” 

Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education: “It has been said we are celebrating 22 years of the national University of Belize and I was one of the persons who was who had the great honor of being around the table back in August of 2000 as that work was taking place to construct a national university and as the chairman pointed out it was no coincidence that Emancipation Day was chosen for the launch of the national university the new University of Belize, the birth of the new university. Because as he rightly said the national university’s mandate back then and that mandate remains true and strong today is to free the minds of the Belizean people, to educate the Belizean people, to drive the national development of Belize.”