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UB conducts Research on Watershed

Water is one of our most precious resources, which is used to sustain all forms of life and to replenish the earth. There are twelve major watersheds in Belize and it is important for us to protect these watersheds in order that it can serve us well for years to come. The University of Belize is leading the way in the management of these watersheds. They are currently conducting research on the Belize River watershed. Love News spoke with one of the three students involved in the watershed research, Ilya Herrera about the research.

Ilya Herrera – UB Student

“Data that will be collected is water quality that they collected from the Belize River, this is important for a lot of communities that are around these areas that depend on this water for their living especially in rural areas where they don’t have tap water; those people depend on rainwater or different water sources from the area so this will be very important for them to be knowledgeable about the water quality that they are consuming and using on a daily basis. So far we have seen that deforestation is affecting the water, farmer’s activities and development is growing and also the dam is affecting the water.”

According to Dr. Abel Carrias, Assistant Professor at the University of Belize, the information gained from the research is vital to the proper management of the watershed.