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UB Continues Discussions for Salary Increase

Members of the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Association met today to determine their next move as it relates to their request for a 14 percent salary increase. The latest update on this matter is that the President of the University of Belize wrote to the Interim President of the Association, Harrison Flowers, telling him that a letter has been sent to the Ministry of Education seeking guidance on the steps to follow on this matter.  Flowers gave us more details.


“We will respond to him definitely before now and Friday. An email has been sent out and the Executive has met and we will respond to him and I will not disclose what we intend to discuss at this time.”


“So what was the purpose of the meeting that was held today in Belmopan?”


“That was to inform and get feedback from faculty and staff to inform them of our position, that the president responded to us, what the president had said and that we invited members from the different unions.  Mr.Luke Palacio presented his position in respect to unionism and gave us, as a party, advice and the way forward and what his perspective on the whole situation is. Of course you had members in the UB faculty and staff that are still members of those unions, so, we invited them which I think would be legally requested. If we had members of those unions then we asked them to address them or if they want we asked them to address them to address the faculty and staff as a body. It was just information presented, not to take a stance and whatever we need to support but we are planning to write them on behalf of the people who are paying members from those unions. My style is not to agitate for anything at this point; we are trying to follow protocol. The President with his goodwill responded to us as we requested even if whatever was in that letter, we are not agreeing or disagreeing to, we haven’t revisited it as yet but he responded to us and that is a kind of good faith so we move on from there and ask him for a timeline and the contents of the letter to the CEO of the Ministry of Education.  From there we will go forward, one step at a time.”


The executive board of the association is hoping to meet with the CEO in the Ministry of Education by this Friday.