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UB helping its students to achieve their goals

Five students received scholarships from the UB Endowment Fund Bursary. The funds were made possible from the first President’s all inclusive fete which took place in September 2017.  President of the University of Belize, Professor Clement Sankat told Love News about this first of a kind initiative.

Professor Clement Sankat – President of the University of Belize: We are going to be awarding a number of scholarships to students who applied to UB; some are also at UB and to pursue their studies there. The funding for these scholarships came out of the UB Endowment Fund that was launched last year just when I joined the University  of Belize. We developed a fund to help bring money into the university to support for example scholarships for needy and talented students and ofcourse to get money to do many things at University including Capitol Development. Many Universities around the world have huge endowment funds in millions; UB didn’t have a penny so we started something last year and the first fundraising event was the Presidents all-inclusive FET.

Love News also spoke with two of the scholarship recipients, Rocio Calderon and Maria Chun who were very grateful to be receiving the scholarship.

Rocio Calderon and Maria Chun – Students: I am very happy because I have been working very hard my second semester, I am going into my third so I have been working very hard and my GPA is very good so I am very happy that I received it and I am very thankful to the sponsors because without their contributions this wouldn’t be possible so I’m just thankful, I am appreciative and I hope to continue receiving it.

Maria Chun: It’s a one year scholarship, it covers only twelve credits so it’s like four courses, it’s a one year course but the scholarship could be offend if you maintain, if they see that you maintain a good GPA so I am doing education courses on math so I am planning to be a Math teacher in high school especially there in the south.

Later this year, another event will take place and it is the hope of the University that it will be able to ensure the continuity of the bursary to see even more students receive financial assistance next year.