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UB hosts annual entrepreneurship expo; university president calls it a success

The University of Belize has announced that in collaboration with the Social Sector Senators, it will be conducting lectures on the ICJ. The speakers will include Assad Shoman, a Belizean historian who earlier this year, released his book titled “Guatemala’s Claim to Belize”. Other presenters included representatives of the Belize Peace Movement and key stakeholders. The first lecture is scheduled for November 20th in Belmopan and will then be taken to the other districts over the course of three weeks.  UB also held its Annual Marketing Expo today. The students worked very hard at showing their entrepreneurial spirit and showcased businesses that were ready to sell products to the public. Love News attended the Expo and spoke to members of the business community who were impressed with their creations.

Reporter: The University of Belize hosted it’s 11th annual marketing expo at the Belize Civic Center Today. UB president Clement Sankat said the growth of the expo is a testament to the development of students and their interest as entrepreneurs.

Clement Sankat, President, University of Belize: “This exposition tells a story about the training and education our students are having at the university of Belize. It is academic but it’s also real world. Our students are being asked to design and develop a product, a process, a system within their marketing course and so they begin to appreciate the entire process of product development right through to the market and it’s real because what you are seeing her today are real products developed by our students attempting to meet the needs of Belize and beyond.”

Reporter: And beyond the classroom the Chamber of Commerce and ScotiaBank have taken interest in the real world extension of the student’s educations.

Kim Aikman, Chamber of Commerce:  “Well as you can see from what is exhibited here today I think these students have really outdone themselves. We have thirty exhibits here that are world class. I hope that the students are not just doing it for a grade and that they really believe in their product and this can be the springboard for new businesses. “

Karen Ysaguirre-Lewis, Scotia Bank: “ScotiaBank decided to invest in this entrepreneurship program because we understand the  value of entrepreneurs and what it is that the university is trying to do. We understand the contribution that these businesses can make and what in fact they can turn into so we decided to partner with them to make sure that we could have helped them in bringing what they wanted to do into reality.”

Clement Sankat, President, University of Belize:What our young students are demonstrating are innovative products for example that the public, that the industry, that the business should be paying attention to because there may be creative ideas here that can be commercialized. So this is not academic, this is real and I want to commend these young students for developing these products.”

On Thursday, November 15th, the Faculty of Management & Social Sciences is having its Annual Entrepreneurial Symposium at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts at 9:00 am.