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UB launches new programs

Come January 2019, students of the University of Belize will have two more options to choose from as the university is adding a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics and a Certification course in GIS Programme. The new program are in keeping with the university’s Vision 2022 to transform the university and in meeting the needs of the business community. Love news spoke with Julianne Pasos, the Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology who said that the Bachelor’s Degree in Statistic is a solid program, which has been reviewed externally by the University of South Florida.

Julianne Pasos, the Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology: The University Of Belize in currently is the on building capacity within the country of Belize so we have to, it is our responsibility to cater to the needs of the country and so the statistic program and the GIS program is going to go out there and build the capacity. In terms of statistics I think general statistics is a very powerful tool and when you bring it up with technology it can be very how can I put it, it’s one of those things that can really inform decision making and this is what we want to move the country of Belize to. We need to move the country of Belize where we are making decisions based on statistics that is available, date that is available, not I  think I can do this or I think we can do this or I think we need this. It’s this, these are the numbers, this is what it is that we are saying and this how we can fix it, this is how we can address it. The GIS certificate is a one year program, like I said in terms of GIS that is one of the upcoming technologies and so in terms of this it has a wide range of application.”

These programs were launched this morning at the Radisson Fort George Hotel.  The bachelor’s Degree in Statistics is a four year program while the Certificate in GIS is a one year program. The Statistical Institute of Belize and the Inter-American Bank, IDB, assisted in the development of the programs. In addition, the IDB is offering three scholarships, two for the Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics and one for the Certificate in GIS.