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UB mandatory insurance discontinued

The Belize Youth Movement in partnership with the Student Board of the University of Belize is celebrating their victory over the University of Belize’s mandatory Black Jaguar Accident protection policy. The policy has now become an option for students who wish to purchase the insurance when registering. Alberto Vellos, President of the Belize Youth Movement told us about their small, but important victory.

Alberto Vellos – President, BYM

“We were informed by our students that the University had called a series of forums with the students to discuss the issue of the mandatory insurance along with other issues such as the different types of fees and in the Belize City forum the University announced to the students that they were no longer proceeding with the mandatory insurance so the students were very happy about that and what we said in our statement is that we congratulate the efforts that the students made because we believe that it is because of their efforts, their standing up and speaking out and our support that the university sat down and were able to reconsider their position of imposing a mandatory insurance on the students as a requirement upon registration.”

Vellos said their research has shown that most of the University students prefer having the option open to them.

Alberto Vellos – President, BYM

What happened is that the University recalled the mandatory aspect of it and made it optional so students can buy insurance at an affordable cost through the university, that is great, that is all we were asking for. What we said in the release also is that we believe that the insurance is important in particular to students who represent the university at sports events, the UB Black Jaguars in whose name the insurance is being names we believe that these are the students that should be getting insurance and we believe that the university should actually pay it for them so the cost shouldn’t be borne by the students but by the university because the students are representing the university. Also the students who end up travelling outside of Belize and representing the university at forums and different events these students it’s in their best interest for them to get insurance but it’s not in their best interest that they be the ones who have to pay for it. If they represent the university the university should cover it for them.”

Although most might see it as a small victory, Vellos said it is still a victory for them and he spoke of what this means for BYM.

Alberto Vellos – President, BYM

“For BYM it means that we will continue being a vocal and relevant organization in Belize we will continue to not only represent young people but speak for them and this is young people across the country and it doesn’t matter what issue is affecting them we will always be there to discuss it, to consult with them and to find how exactly we can make thing better for them.”

The Belize Youth Movement says that they will continue to stand in solidarity with the students and remain vigilant and vocal on their behalf.