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University offers new certification in Agriculture

The Agriculture Department in Toledo is facilitating some of the required courses in connection with a Certificate in Applied Agriculture program implemented at UB’s Punta Gorda Campus. Paul Mahung reports.

Paul Mahung, Love FM: Some of the required core sessions are facilitated at Toledo agriculture station as explained by District Agriculture Coordinator, Justompio Tush.

Justompio Tush, District Agriculture Coordinator: “The students conduct their practical and technical sessions here at the Agriculture compound through the coordination with UB Central Farm Lecturer, Mr. Francis Cozul. From day one the students were given a short welcome orientation at the compound explaining the overall objective of the course on the expectations for this semester. Later the students started preparations of the tower structures or what we call the protective structures at the compound with the cleaning, repairing of drainage and preparing beds for vegetable production. Students that seeds in the nursery seedlings and transplanting of seedlings should take place next week. Students conduct practicals in the morning and indoor sessions in the afternoon, the purpose of working the power structures is for the students to understand and learn the practices involved in preparing the structures, setting seeds, transplanting seedlings, management of vegetables in their structures, harvesting and marketing so that at the end of the course the students can be able to grow, produce and sell better vegetables at their farms since these students come from farming family backgrounds.”

Paul Mahung, Love FM: The two-year program leads successful students on to UB’s Certificate In Applied Agriculture.