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UB pays Tribute to Fidel Castro

The University of Belize teamed up with the Cuban Embassy for a tribute to Fidel Castro to mark the first anniversary of his death. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.

Fem Cruz

“An official ceremony was held today at the Jaguar auditorium in Belmopan to celebrate the first anniversary of the passing of the first outstanding Cuban leader, Fidel Castro. The Ambassador of Cuba Lizzette Perez and the President of UB, Emeritus Clement K. Sankat spoke to Love News about the life of Castro and the unveiling of the plaque.”

Lizzette Perez – Ambassador of Cuba

“We did a very touching event in the Jaguar auditorium at the university and as part of that, we unveiled a plaque with the president of the university, the Dr. Emeritus Clement K Sankat. We are very proud to have the first plaque intuited to our beloved Fidel here because he thought a lot about the young people, about the importance of education and to always be in front about the war to try to do this war better.”

Professor Emeritus Clement K Sankat – President of the University of Belize

“Well the University of Belize was very pleased to partner with our Cuban Ambassador to celebrate the anniversary of the life of an outstanding Cuban leader, Cuba revolutionary leader but an outstanding Caribbean leader even more so an outstanding global leader. The University of Belize, therefore, celebrates with the Cuban people the life the times the work and the thinking of this tremendous leader that the world has seen but one the world today misses. As I told the young people gathered in this gathering, that when Fidel spoke about revolution, it was not about guns. It was revolution about our thinking, about our minds, about wanting to create a better environment in which we live. The people of Cuba for Cubans but wanting to create a better region and a better world. A new Global order and I reminded them of his work in the nonaligned movement to create this new third force within the world lead by leaders like Nehru and Tito and Gamalt from Egypt and of course Sujardo from Indonesia. So we celebrate it today his thinking and his desire to create a better place.”

Fem Cruz

“This is Brother Fem Cruz reporting from the Nation’s Capital Belize city Belmopan for Love Fm.”