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UB students protest increased crime against children

Students from the University of Belize, Belmopan Campus, staged a protest in front of the National Assembly Building. The students, most of who are from the English department, protested the increase of crimes against children, specifically focusing on the case of 17 month old Allyssa Nunez. Lecturer Carmecita Adilma Romero told us more.

Carmencita Romero, Lecturer, English Department, University of Belize: “The students really wanted to do something when the case of baby Alyssa came up and because of the holiday it took long for us to get our license, we got it on Monday and so it was as quick planning but we did muster a good crowd. We did not expect so many people given the short notice and we had lecturers and their classes joining and we had the guest speaker and we had Pastor Stirm so I think it was  good turnout. I am very proud of my students and the students from the other classes, they took it on their own. You see how hot the sun is to come out here and they are very much following the cases.”

Reporter: How important is it for the students to come out here?

Carmencita Romero, Lecturer, English Department, University of Belize: “Very important. Ask them how very important it is for them to be out here, they are here on their own. This is no political affiliation we are here to speak about what is happening.”

Reporter: You chose a particular space today, in front of the National Assembly.

Carmencita Romero, Lecturer, English Department, University of Belize: “Of course that is the best place right? That is the best place to be. We are making a statement, we are bringing awareness, that is what we are doing. A peaceful march.”

Student Keena Cal explained why she decided to participate in the protest.

Keena Cal, Student, University of Belize: “We are doing this for a reason, it is for the children who we are going to be educating in the longer run, they are all going to be a part of Belize and if we don’t take a stance who will? We are the only University in Belize so we need to take a stand sooner or later and it has to be sooner so we are doing that today.”

UB Student: “It was touching I mean I think the entire nation felt touched by what happened. I think we’ve all been aware of this but it hasn’t been so exposed as yet and now that baby Alyssa was sadly taken the whole awareness case is coming out even more often. This has happened so long but it’s thanks to baby Alyssa that we are now getting the awareness out and now we are out here taking a stand because thanks to baby Alyssa we are all here united and we want this to end.”

The Belize National Teachers Union will stage a similar demonstration on March 2