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UB taking a “transformation leap”

The University of Belize has unveiled its transformation plan for 2017 to 2022.  President of the University of Belize, Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat, in speaking with Love News said that the University has found the need to implement change in an effort to better serve its present and future students.

Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat – President of the University of Belize:“Thankful last year was a year of looking, listening, observing, hearing and assessing and out of all of this and also deep engagement, engagement with our deans, chairs, directors and heads we looked at our strengths and weakness and opportunities and our threats at the University and from that we were able to glean what were the important initiatives that had to happen to truly make the University of Belize a respected University. The University came from an old history of a merger of a number of colleges so the university has always reflected a more community college approach but that was the past. It is a university by an act of Parliament in 2000 and it must step up to what is expected of a University and what is expected of a University would be good teaching and learning and training and of course good universities are all taking their students at least to a Bachelor’s level. At the University of Belize one of the first striking things we noted was that the University the vast majority of its students would graduate at the Associate’s Degree level. This is recognizing there is that kind of need in Belize and we do endorse that but we also know that if we are going to be a university we have to push further.”

Professor Sankat said that in evaluating the University of Belize it was discovered that it is not on the same level with other regional universities, hence the need for the “transformation leap”.

Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat – President of the University of Belize: “One can easily benchmark the University of Belize with other regional institutions and that is why I use world it has not kept pace of the same kind of development. Now granted while benchmarks are useful the most important thing is that the University must meet national needs. But the notion and the name of being a University comes with certain clear outputs, good teaching and research surveys and in all three areas we therefore needed to strengthen them. And that is what this transformational plan is about. To strengthen our teaching and learning, to move more of our programs to Bachelor’s degrees, to create new programs in the service of Belize graduates who can help themselves not only be employed but to transform Belize in it’s various facets.”

The “transformation leap” meets with the University of Belize’s mission to be “a catalyst of change”.