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Health & Science

UB to expand its medical programs


The University of Belize is expanding its programs to facilitate aspiring medical professionals. Cayo Correspondent Pauline Soberanis Tillett gave us more details.

The University of Belize is expanding its programs to facilitate aspiring medical professionals. Cayo Correspondent Pauline Soberanis Tillett gave us more details.

A signing of cooperation agreement between the University of Belize and UNAM MANAGUA as well as the opening of induction training for medical educators was held this afternoon at the University of Belize’s conference center in Belmopan. This is great news as Belizean students can now access medical training to become doctors. Love News was there and spoke with professor Clement Sankat.

Professor Clement Sankat, President, University of Belize: “I think a faculty of health sciences like the school of medicine that we are conceptualizing will help to lift the healthcare in Belize not only by producing more doctors for Belize to work in our city hospitals, our regional hospitals, our countries or health clinics. It will help to lift the healthcare that we offer, the service that it will provide hopefully by better trained doctors but any faculty of health sciences as it grows and develops will also get involved in research.”

We also spoke to Dr.Goerge Gough

Dr.George Gough, CEO, Ministry of Health: “I think it’s a milestone because all universities go through different academic structures and I think the school of health sciences is something that is going to put our people at an advantage and I think the university obviously are leaders in their countries. This is our national university we are supposed to be leading especially in the area of healthcare. This is a venture that I met everybody with a brick in their hand, the only thing I have served here like the president said is as a catalyst. I was able to identify and look around and they were all players. Everybody here that came here today, private sector, public sector, past physicians, young physicians, academia, deans, past deans ,everybody here today had dreamt, had designed, had conceptualized some part of this medical school. So all we did was put it all together, guide it, structured it and we were able to say okay we’re going to talk the same language. So I think right now the only thing that we have achieved here today is that we are singing kumbaya.”

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