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UB to officially name Dr. Vincent Palacio as its president

Dr. Vincent Palacio will soon be the next substantive president of the University of Belize. He has been in an interim capacity since August 2021, after Professor Clement Sankat demitted office at the end of July last year. According to Minister of Education, Francis Fonseca, Dr. Palacio is the candidate, from a pool of six applicants, who the university’s board of trustees has recommended to the Prime Minister. 

Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education: “Just yesterday, we celebrated in Belmopan on the UB campus the 22nd anniversary of the founding of our National University of Belize. As you said, Dr. Vincent Palacio has been the acting interim President. That process is undertaken by the Board of Trustees of UB. They have a comprehensive search process. They appointed a search committee. They advertised widely. I think they had, you know, I believe, based on the report we received I think they had about six applicants. They engaged in a comprehensive process, interviews, and at the end of the day they recommended, because as you know, under the UB Act the President is appointed by the Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister so, at the end of that process the search committee recommended that Dr. Vincent Palacio be appointed to the post and that recommendation was accepted by the Cabinet, accepted by the Prime Minister. He consulted with the Leader of the Opposition and the Governor General will then proceed.”

Minister Fonseca gave Dr. Palacio a ringing endorsement, saying that he believes the university can progress under Palacio’s leadership. 

Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education: “I’ve had the opportunity to, at the invitation of the Board, to meet with them and talk to them about, certainly my vision for the university. I think we have a shared vision. I think Dr. Palacio understands that the university, the National University of Belize is really the flagship institution of our education system. It has to be a leading voice, a leading light in education and it has to be at the forefront of national development issues. That is something I have stressed and I think they understand that. I think we have a lot of excellent professors at UB and I think UB has come a long way in these past 22 years. So I am very optimistic about the future, very confident about the leadership of Dr. Vincent Palacio. Working along with the new Board of Trustees and a new staff. They also appointed a new Vice President.”