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UB’s 7th President Speaks of First 5 Months in Office

Earlier this year it was announced that Professor Clement Sankat would head the University of Belize. Since his appointment, Sankat has been running the university as the seventh president. His position will become official tomorrow when he is installed at a ceremony in Belize City. While in Belmopan, our news team caught up with the President.


I’m always prepared to be a problem solver, and to be creative and innovative so as to obtain positive change and development but it’s not going to be a short task. Universities and great universities have been built over hundreds of years. The University of Belize is probably one of the youngest in the world at seventeen years. So this is like a father helping and nurturing a young child to walk, to grow, to run, to sprint and to win. That is my role here, based upon my knowledge my skills and experience and that is what I am going to do. So it’s very expectant. Hopefully I can make the transformation or lead the university to the path of transformation.”


“Induction takes place at the St.John’s Cathedral tomorrow one of the oldest religious structures in the Western Hemisphere have you found any sort of symbolism in the location?”


By being in the Cathedral tomorrow and as you said a very historic cathedral I am in a very unique position as a president to be installed there but I hope that being in that spiritual environment the journey that I’m going to take which might sometimes be very lonely, sometimes dark, that there will be a light there and that I will not walk the road alone.”

Sankat’s installation will take place at Saint John Cathedral in Belize City. The ceremony is scheduled to begin at 3pm.