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UB’s students Donate their Hair for Cancer

In an effort to raise awareness of Breast Cancer, students of the University of Belize, Belmopan Campus, decided to donate their hair. The initiative is called, “Love is in the hair”, and it was coordinated by Isabel Bennett.

Isabel Bennett: It was an initiative from the Department of Nursing and Wellness Center. Students on campus shared with us the ideas of having to donate here and so we took it up and we ran with it. We started off basically with what I thought would have been two donors. We have nineteen donors and persons are donating eight to ten to twelve inches of hair this afternoon. Those donors include students as well as lecturers from the University of Belize. It’s the first initiative and it certainly calls or indicates that there will be many more of this initiative happening. Having to support person with cancer in this way does do a lot for especially for children who are in wig programs. It does help their self-esteem having a hairpiece and hair pieces that match their face and matches the size of their head. So we’re very grateful for the donors and for their donation.”

Donors, Lenmara Rosado and Raquel Teul, shared why they decided to participate.

Lenmara Rosado:“This is something I’ve always been wanting to do. People who are suffering from cancer who are oral OPCA which is also a condition that generally causes hair loss, have lost the opportunity or have lost something very valuable or very important to your identity. So having as much hair as I have, is one of the things I want to give back in some way to the community, to the society, to these people who have lost something so that they can feel a little better having that back.”

Raquel Teul: “It’s for a worthy cause and I believe that it is a worthy cause because out there in the world, a child is sad and depressed or any child a teenager or anybody. In a teenager we get to lose our self-esteem because of the identity isn’t really important to us, so I would like to help that teenager or child to have a happy ending or something of that sort.”