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UDP Apologizes for Joe Bradley’s Offensive Remarks

The Nurses Association of Belize is demanding that UDP talk show host Joe Bradley apologize and retract statements made during his August 11 appearance on “Fuss Ting da Mawning”.   When speaking about the University of Belize and the nursing program, Bradley referred to nursing students at UB as (quote) “dumb as a doornail” (end of quote)  The Association fired off a release describing Bradley’s comments as (quote) “exceedingly disrespectful to the incredible sacrifice that our nurses have made, and continue to make, on a daily basis.  To make such a blanket statement regarding UB nursing graduates as being “dumb as a doornail” indicates a deep lack of understanding and appreciation for the sacrifice of dedicated nurses, who, worldwide, are leaving the workforce due to the tolls of the profession.”  (End of quote) The release says (quote) Nurses, do not be discouraged, and may you all be as solid as the nail that is needed to secure a door, in securing and maintaining quality health care services for our population” (end of quote)  Late this evening, the United Democratic Party issued a release condemning Bradley’s offensive remarks. The release says (quote) We truly regret this incident and expect no less than a sincere and public apology from Mr. Bradley for the offensive statement.  The United Democratic Party looks forward to engage the Nurses Association of Belize on their continued fight to improve their work experience and the national healthcare system of our country.” (end of quote)