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UDP Area Rep Tracy Panton Criticizes the PM’s Presentation on COVID-19

On the heels of the new Covid-19 regulations presented by Prime Minister John Briceno late last night the opposition has found several points of concern particularly surrounding the exemptions and the no-movement Sundays. One particular member of the opposition who took to social media was Tracy Panton. In her remarks, Panton said that while she supports the need for drastic measures she does not understand the logic of the Prime Minister. Surrounding the exemptions for the key tourist destinations, Panton wrote, quote, “Anybody who knows me knows that the Tourism Industry is my 1st love. I understand the sector’s absolute importance to our national economy but there is NO way our own citizens can be treated as second class citizens in our own country. It is NOT right. I don’t understand the Prime Minister’s logic. Is it because you travel from a foreign country to Belize your attitudes/behaviors are different? We see parents fighting mask mandates in schools every day in the US that were instituted to protect their children. The COVID virus was NOT born in Belize it was brought here by those who travel in and out of this country. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Instead of closing down our places of worship maybe we should be closing down our land borders and our sea ports as a start. Belize has been listed as a Level 4 Destination which indicate we are one of those countries that have the highest risk of exposure. Yesterday we see the installing of our first field hospital in Belmopan. Dr Sosa, the KHMH Administrator, is calling for refrigerator trucks where dead bodies can be stored as the morgue has no more space to accommodate those who have died from COVID. Our Health Care System is bursting at the seams. We hear the impassioned pleas of our health care professionals on how absolutely difficult it is for those who are working on the front-line taking care of those who have fallen victim to this deadly virus. I implore you Mr. Prime Minister if we are going to make the hard decisions let us make the hard decisions.” End of quote. Our newsroom has reached out to Panton for an interview but our requests and calls have gone unanswered.