UDP Attorney Orson “OJ” Elrington Charged with Rape

UDP Attorney Orson “OJ” Elrington Charged with Rape

It has been 57 days since two women came forth and reported a case of alleged rape against a prominent UDP attorney.  Today, that attorney, Orson “OJ” Elrington has been officially charged with one count of rape. A complaint was filed on January 11, however, the Police had to await directives from the Office of the DPP before laying charges.  The directive to proceed with a charge was reportedly given yesterday, and by this afternoon Elrington was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court where he was accompanied by his four attorneys. Since the matter will be handled in the High Court, he could not give a plea. Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl Lynn-Vidal spoke briefly on what led to the decision to charge.

Cheryl-Lynn Vidal, Director of Public Prosecutions: “I met with the complainants in the matter and based on what they said to me we did additional work and it was at the end of that process that we were in a position to make a decision.”

There was no objection to bail and it was offered to him in the sum of eight thousand dollars plus two sureties of four thousand dollars each. Outside the court, Senior Counsel Hubert Elrington, who is the father of the accused, along with one of Orson’s attorney, Norman Rodriguez, indicate that they are confident of a positive outcome in the case.

Hubert Elrington, Attorney: “We are always a law abiding family and we are always a group of people who help the country and we continue to be that way. We will continue to be that way because we believe in the system of justice, believe that it’s going to be very difficult for any of them to defeat us in a criminal trial.”

Norman Rodriguez, Attorney: “But as it relates to the bail there was no objection and if there is no objection then we really have nothing much more to say. It is not listed in section 16 of the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Act. As a result of that the Magistrate can grant bail and she did. You can never be surprised and I can say in a kind of a non serious way you can never be surprised because the police may or may not have needed to investigate further but they chose to do it that way but also you have to consider the learned Madam DPP who has to review what evidence the police may bring in the statements that are recorded and make her decision, that’s the second reason. So whichever it is it has happened today but you ask if I am surprised ? I’m kind of wondering why it took this long.”

Attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley weighed in on the charge as well, calling it a blow to the legal profession. 

Richard “Dickie” Bradley, Attorney:This has been dragging on from January we’re now in March when a decision has been reached and OJ Elrington is a public figure in our society. He’s a high profile attorney. He is a brilliant young man. He has a great future in the political arena as well as the legal arena. He had just put out a brief statement saying that how he is confident that he will be exonerated should the matter finally reach trial but again it is a very serious blow to the legal profession. Nobody is going to say lawyers are all angels but there are circumstances that do give rise to these matters and so a charge will be brought. I know there was a charge against a Magistrate, I know a judge has been removed from office in our society for basically corrupt practices. The world is real, there are good people and there are bad people in everything. I think there was a war in heaven where Lucifer was trying to overthrow the all mighty and ended up being dashed down here I guess he had a lot of recruits.”

Elrington is due back in court on May 24.

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