UDP calls for Minister Andre Perez to resign

UDP calls for Minister Andre Perez to resign

While many in the court of public opinion and from the opposition are calling for Perez’ resignation, our archives show that this is not the first time that an elected representative has been embroiled in a scandalous situation.  Back in 2016, an image of a naked government minister circulated, reportedly having been taken in the home of a now-convicted murderer.  Also in 2016, a then government minister was at the center of domestic disputes as the perpetrator, and in 2020, allegations of domestic violence surfaced against the current leader of the opposition, Moses Barrow, who was not disciplined nor stripped of his title.  Love News asked UDP Chair, Michael Peyrefitte, if there is hypocrisy in asking for Minister Perez to resign, or if this is a general call for higher standards.

Michael Peyrefitte, UDP Chairman: “There can be no speaking about the PUP without of course bringing in the UDP. I expect that of the media these days but listen. You know my position when a member of my party was in a situation right ? You know what I said. You know what my position was and it would be very hypocritical of me to not call for the resignation of one of my own and not call for the resignation of a member of the PUP. I mean what ? How am I treating this situation any differently than I treated my own ?”

Reporter: Understood Mike but look at it this way. The Leader of the Opposition is still in a position after allegations of domestic violence. 

Michael Peyrefitte, UDP Chairman: “Right and we’ve already gave our opinions on that. Gave my position on that and how can you – this is what I don’t understand about the media it’s like you’re afraid the PUP lash you all. You all cannot just on your own and deal with a particular situation why do you have to bring in the UDP? UDP has been out of government for about three or four years you know ? Why do you have to bring us I don’t understand. When these things happened with the UDP we made our positions very clear, at least I did personally very clear. And if I could make them very clear then you all didn’t criticize me then for making them clear about the position with members of my own party so how can you criticize me now for taking the position with a member of the PUP ? It’s like the PUP are beyond being criticized ? They’re beyond – here you have a person saying they’re in fear of their life and that is oh how can you make a complaint about that because you all have scandal too ? I mean I don’t understand that. I don’t understand that at all. What I’m saying is that the government is being hypocritical. BNN, the Special Envoy for Women and Children because when certain things happen they jump up and they’re at the forefront but with this they are absolutely mute, they say nothing, they have nothing to say. They talk about decorum when the Leader of the Opposition writes a letter. You have a man pull out his c*ock and send a picture and then nothing ? I mean come on. There’s a double standard here when you talk about decorum. Don’t you think?”

In this current instance, Minister Perez has indicated that the claims by Wendy Auxillou are false, and that he would be filing an official complaint with the General Legal Counsel against Attorney Wendy Auxillou.  We will keep following this story.

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