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UDP Caribbean Shores Candidate bows out again

No one was expected to be harmed during the three way race that was expected to occur in the United Democratic Party (UDP)   Caribbean Shores constituency. But the race which would have had three, had now whittled to two. Santino Castillo Junior has withdrawn from the Caribbean Shores race.  Last week Castillo had granted us an interview and had gone public saying that he would be seeking to represent the UDP in Caribbean Shores and that he had discussed this with the Party Leader, Dean Barrow, who had given him his blessing.  But faster than anyone could like that Facebook post, Castillo had already given up the race.   (CASTILLO VO) He has declined to give an interview, but he did provide a comment to a local media house, saying, QUOTE “I will not be giving any interviews about it; when I gave up my seat to Darrell Bradley, I did it for greater good of my party without asking for anything in return. Consequently, when I announced my candidacy for Caribbean Shores on May 10th vía Facebook, I was sure I would have the support of both the Party Leader and the party. However, the PM called me last week Thursday to tell me he would be supporting Leila Peyrefitte due to her work in Caribbean Shores for the Referendum. Obviously so would the UDP hierarchy. As I told the P.M., I was his Minister of State during my time in Government and there is no way I can run in a Convention without his endorsement and unequivocal support. Consequently, I will NO LONGER CONTEST the seat in Caribbean Shores. I will not be giving any further interview.”  UNQUOTE.  Love News understands that the Prime Minister is allegedly supporting Leila Peyrefitte who will be going up against Lee Mark Chang at the June 30 convention.  Chang also has support of at least one of the two contenders for party leader.