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UDP Chairman: Belize has a solid case

Belize’s counter-memorial for the ICJ case is due next month. Experts have a couple of days left to finalize a response to Guatemala’s five hundred page memorial. A preparatory meeting was held recently and participating in that meeting was former Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte. Peyrefitte told Love News that Belize has a solid case. He says he is confident that the county has this in the bag. 

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP: I am very confident in the case that we have. The evidence provided and the arguments that we will make with our memorial I believe are solid,  are on solid ground and I have every confidence that we will be successful. So when we do that then we expect a counter-memorial from Guatemala in six months’ time and then we can – sorry they will respond to our counter-memorial and then we get six months to respond to their counter to our counter-memorial so we are still about a year or two away from the hearings but the memorial that we will submit I think is extremely solid and it puts the case to Guatemala that they simply have no claim. It is unfortunate that we can’t say much more to the public because the rules don’t allow us to but I just with all the lawyers, and they don’t always give us things or advice that we want to hear they tell us things that are tough but with all of that when you look at the case itself and the way they lay it down and with the input from everybody involved I think Belize has a solid case in the bag. There was a demarcation of the land borders of Belize but there was never really a demarcation for the maritime areas of Belize – I mean officially by treaty or by whatever means. So that has to be determined by international law and with that determination and where we are I think we have been assured that you know I mean this is the best possible case that any country can have to keep all their territory intact.