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UDP Chairman Places Gag Order on Personal Party Matters

The United Democratic Party has been trying to manage a number internal challenges, particularly as it pertains to its leadership. A recall vote was triggered by two hundred ninety delegates and it ended with Patrick Faber staving off the recall by garnering about forty-seven percent of the votes. How will, the Leader of the Opposition Shyne Barrow and Party Leader Faber mend fences? Will they be able to work together for the good of the party? Party Chairman Michael Peyrefitte said on Monday that he hopes to have a closed-door sit-down with everyone to chart the way forward. We asked Barrow about that process today and we’ve learned that the Chairman has imposed a gag order. That is, no one is authorized to speak to the media on internal party matters – at least for the time being.

Reporter: You’ve been a champion of trying to get him removed as the party leader. He remains the party leader for now, you’re the Leader of the Opposition how do you mend fences going from this point onward ? 

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Opposition Leader: “You know the Deputy Leader of the Party Honorable Hugo Patt and the Chairman of the party Senator Michael Peyrefitte have asked me to refrain from pronouncing on our internal party matters and I out of great respect and deference for both whom both I hold in high regard I will oblige them and refrain from commenting on anything relating to the recall or any internal party matters. I think I’ve exhausted my pronouncements as to how I feel and I would refer you to what I have said. I stand by the things that I have said this week in previous interviews and I would refer you to what I’ve already said but I will not venture to go into it at this time I would refrain from any comment.”

Reporter: But as far as reconciliation which the party desperately needs how do you see yourself being party of that reconciliation and having the ability to move on because you certainly agree that the internal politics of the party has distracted the organization by and large from the policy decisions the government has made. Like I figure for example that you would want the party to pay greater focus on these constitutional amendments rather than the internal differences in the organization at this time. So how do you see yourself as being part of this needed re conciliation, this ability to move forward despite differences ?

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Opposition Leader: “Well the first step is to listen to the Deputy Leader and the Chairman which is what I’m doing now so that’s the first step.”

Reporter: The party chairman had indicated that he was hoping that maybe he could get all sides in a room, no cellphones, no media to sort of ventilate and thrash out the issues that are still lingering from that recall vote five days later. Has that happened and if it has not do you anticipate that it’s going to happen soon enough so that the party can get back on track ? 

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Opposition Leader: “As I said the request is a blanket request. There was no request to talk about these things or talk about those things so again I believe that the Deputy Leader of the Party Honorable Hugo Patt and the Chairman of the party who is th party boss Senator Michael Peyrefitte both want what is best for the United Democratic Party. I share in that desire, I want nothing more than what is best for the party and so I will heed thier advice to refrain from any discussion of our internal matters other than what I’ve already said I refer you to that and moving forward I will be working closely with the Deputy Leader of the Party, the Chairman of the party and all my colleagues to do what is best for the United Democratic Party.”

There is no indication as to how long the order will last but the Leader of the Opposition told us that he is sticking to the positions he has made in the past, a signal that the issues remain unresolved.