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UDP Chairman Says Consultation is Need for Tenth and Eleventh Amendments

However, the United Democratic Party has not issued a formal statement yet on the Government’s proposed Tenth and Eleventh Amendments to the Constitution but thus far, the party’s leadership has indicated the need for consultation. Chairman Peyrefitte says that the UDP will listen to various voices from across the society in formulating its own position.

Michael Peyrefitte, UDP Chairman: “We have been discussing it and the general position from what I have gleaned is that we plan to oppose these as they simply don’t make sense in our view. But more discussions will continue that’s why you get ninety days. We still have to speak to the unions, we still want to speak to the business community and to the public at large to get their final input into us and then from that we will come up with a final final position but initially what I can tell you is these are some of the thoughts that we’re having – the ones that I’ve expressed this morning – that you having been in government we know the difficulty with transitioning and so having been on the ground and let’s be fair this new prime minister hasn’t been in government in the social media era, in the information era, in the back and forth community sharing of information and ideas era so it cannot just operate in a vacuum you have to listen to people who have more practical experience with this and see what input that they can give.”

Outside of its own consultative process, the party intends to participate in the discussions, which the government is mandated to kick-start.

Michael Peyrefitte, UDP Chairman: “Everywhere they will have consultations we will be there not to necessarily quarrel or to disrupt any consultation but we want to know what is the particular genius behind this piece of amendment and why those. Like I said, why not the Judicial and Legal Services Commission? Why not other commissions ? Why pick these four ? Why are these four so dear to your hearts ? I mean we would like to know the reasoning behind it before you table something into parliament that if you come up with a piece of legislation that makes sense who knows we may even support it but it has to make sense. I understand politics. I understand that you were elected as the government and you’re not going to back down off of something simply because the opposition has an issue with it but you said that you would be different. You, John Briceno, said that you’d be more transparent, there’d be less ministerial interference all these nice Kumbaya concepts and so how can you be making such serious constitutional amendments without genuinely listening and that’s all we’ll be saying.”