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UDP Chairman Says He Did Not Know of the Letter Sent to the Governor-General

UDP Chairman Michael Peyrefitte says that he did not know of the letter sent to the Governor-General until after the fact. It is a firm and bold move taken by the elected anti-Faber UDP representatives who want him to step down peacefully. Although Peyrefitte was not duly informed of the letter to the GG, he did admit that it does not necessarily go against protocols.

Shyne Barrow, Area Representative, Mesop: “The media saw the communications and saw that there was a collusion of sorts if you will but the matter was being deliberated for several weeks and so that letter is a result of those deliberations. You know we have three hundred delegates that have set out to recall the party leader so this is an exigent set of circumstances and I’m merely a custodian of circumstances.”

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP: “I was aware of it after it was sent to me, after it was sent to the Governor General.”

Reporter: Is that appropriate ? 

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP: “What do you mean by appropriate ?”

Reporter: That as chairman for such a big move to be made that you would not be notified before ?

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP:“Well that would have been the ideal thing you could say so. Under the Belize constitution the five members of the House in the Opposition can take a decision to choose a new Leader of Opposition Business in the House. Would it have been better for some discussion to have happened ? Yes but there is nothing illegal about what happened. Those three people will have to explain to the party why it is that they did that I would imagine.”

Reporter: It’s kinda like they’re trying to hijack things.

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP:“Well I don’t know what was in their minds when they did it would will have to ask them. At the time we spoke yesterday I had no indication that they were gonna do that in the House. I said yesterday that if the Honorable Patrick Faber were to be recalled in a recall convention the natural progression is for the first Deputy Leader to become the interim leader of the party until we choose a permanent leader. In the House it doesn’t necessarily have to be the first deputy leader. Three of them chose the Honorable Shyne Barrow to do that which is their choice in the House.”

With Faber being removed from the Post of Leader of the Opposition, he clings to the post of Party Leader. His fate will be decided in a convention and a new leader will emerge.

Shyne Barrow, Area Representative, Mesop: “I will be focused on doing all that I can along with the Chairman of the party the Honorable Michael Peyrefitte he’s the Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate. We’ll be working together to hold the government accountable and we will do our best to find the right candidate, the right person that the delegates want to be their leader but as I said this is not about me taking steps towards leadership. This is about me being a custodian of circumstance and at the right time after the recall there will be a convention and Peyrefitte will be the immediate leader because the way the UDP constitution prescribes is that once the party leader is recalled the deputy leader, then the chairman will become leader. Obviously the Honorable Hugo Patt is not interested in being the Leader of the Opposition or the Leader of the Party, Beverly Williams is not a member of parliament so she can’t be the leader of the party so that would leave Michael Peyrefitte who is the Chairman he would become interim leader and then we would set a date for the convention and the delegates would decide who they think is best to lead the UDP.”

Reporter: Who do you think is best to carry out that rebuilding process ?

Shyne Barrow, Area Representative, Mesop:  “You know I have great confidence in the Honorable Michael Peyrefitte. I think he enjoys the majority support of the party, he has the respect and admiration of his colleagues. You know certainly one of the names that keep coming up is former President of the Senate and one of the most successful mayors Belize has ever seen Darrell Bradley you know but I would not venture to choose anyone, not to prejudice the matter. But certainly the UDP is in good hands but we need to get past this obstacle.”