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UDP Chairman Says the Budget was Full of Fluff

While Denise ‘Sista B’Barrow for Queen’s Square and Patrick Faber for Collet failed to represent their voters in this year’s budget debate and therefore were not able to give their views on the fiscal budget, the UDP Chairman, Michael Peyrefitte did have his own views on the presentations over the past two days.

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, UDP, Chairman: I haven’t been watching it intensely today as I was watching it yesterday but like I said, you know, bunch of fluff, bunch of nothing about the, honestly, it’s the largest budget, yes, but it’s not saying anything. It’s like cut and paste. It’s like doing the same thing. I haven’t seen anything that reflects any new ideas, any new initiatives from the government and they keep insisting on just blaming the past, blaming the past, blaming the past. According to them, they were going to hit the ground running and they were going to perform miracles and they have not done that and it doesn’t seem like they have any intentions of doing that in the future. So they had 12 years to sit and think about these days and it doesn’t seem like they were making most of those 12 years. It’s really lacking and the budget is the responsibility of the Government. It’s their budget. They have done nothing to defend their budget from what I see. Most of them don’t even talk about the budget. Most of them just give political thumb speeches; they don’t talk about the numbers. They don’t talk about the issues. They don’t talk about anything that has to do with the budget itself. And for most of the people, especially on the Government side, they read their speeches. We don’t even know if they were the ones who wrote those.”

The budget debate took some nine hours today while yesterday’s session lasted an estimated eight hours. We’ll have the highlights of today’s debate later in our newscast.