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UDP Chairman Says the Party Does Its Part on Anti-Corruption

The United Democratic Party has not been spared when it comes to irregular and questionable activities within the Government.  The last few years have seen these questionable matters accumulating and giving the Barrow administration a black eye particularly since it was Prime Minister Dean Barrow who spoke of ridding the government of corruption back in 2008.  Chairman of the United Democratic Party, Alberto August told Love News that those matters are discussed among them on a party level.


“The leader of our party has always been steadfast in terms of not tolerating any kind of irregularity and that is what makes it easier for us to move from victory to victory so in terms of the government aspect of it then he handles that situation and he handle it very well. In terms of the political aspect of it where I come into play we seek as much as possible too to rectify the situation because you will recall that this government came into office in 2008 on the basis of putting an end to these kinds of irregular behavior.”


“So you as the chairman you do chastise, or you do speak or you do have dialogue with members of the government who form a part of your party when irregularities come up?”


“You will notice that we are known for not washing our laundry in the public so when these kinds of things happen we call meetings and we address our situation internally. We don’t have members of our party getting out there at each other, we do not do that within the UDP we are an organized political party and we handle our affairs internally.”

There are several outstanding matters when it comes to questionable activities including the Penner Passport scandal; the David Nanes Nationality Scandal; the issue of land flipping among several others.