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UDP Chairman upbeat about the party’s performance in village council elections

So, the last set of village council elections was held on Sunday. The PUP has claimed victory in the nation’s largest village, Ladyville and also claimed Bullet Tree Falls in Cayo. In Caye Caulker, Seleni Villanueva Pott led and independent slate to victory. For the UDP, the elections were seen as a chance for them to send a message. Senator Michael Peyrefitte, the party’s chairman, says that the UDP put up a good fight despite its challenges.

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP: “Our people came out. We fought. We fought hard and we did our best. You know Dale, when this whole process started I told different members of the party that I’ll, the results were not the most important vehicle. I wanted to start to see our party start to get on the ground. Meet people flesh to flesh given this post-COVID situation. I wanted us to reorganize ourselves on the ground, get our people pumping and ready and against every imaginable odd that you could consider, we fought hard and we fought faithfully for the UDP and we won much more than I thought we would ever win and it is so proud. Like, for example, yesterday when, I have to point out to the people who were fighting for the UDP In Bullet Tree, for example. The passion, the aggression, the love that those people have for the UDP and the realisation that the PUP is not right for Belize.”