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UDP condemns Kareem Musa's trip to China

The United Democratic Party (UDP) has released on official statement (UDP ON MUSA VO) concerning Caribbean Shores Representative, Kareem Musa, and his unannounced trip to China. As we have already reported, Musa said that the trip was that of a personal nature and that he was invited by the Belize-Chinese Association. However, the Association issued its own release saying that they had no involvement in the trip and, in fact, Musa was specifically invited by China’s Zhi Gong Party. The UDP’s release condemned Musa’s actions, calling it, quote, “a diplomatically irresponsible trip to Communist China.” End quote. According to the UDP, the Zhi Gong Party in China is used by their Government to court countries and officials to support diplomatic ties with Mainland China. The UDP also said that Musa falsely claimed that the same invitation he received was also extended to them. Though they claim that was not the case, they added that if they had received an invitation, they would be quick to deny it as the UDP is, quote, “steadfast and unwavering, both as a party and as Government, in its support for Taiwan.” The UDP referred to the Republic of China (Taiwan) as a loyal friend and ally of Belize for over 30 years, and that the two countries share a common subscription to democracy, as they both face threats from unfair territorial claim from their much larger neighbors. The release continues by saying, quote, “What Kareem Musa has done prejudices Belize’s commitment to Taiwan and casts a shadow over the loyalty and appreciation that the Belizean people feel for Taiwan.” End quote. The UDP also pointed out the silence of the leadership of the PUP on Musa’s visit, and even took it a step further by saying it is clear to them, as to Belizeans, that Musa was attempting to, quote, “hustle” money for the PUP general election campaign. The release ends by the UDP calling on the PUP to denounce Musa’s trip and to publicly make clear that it will not betray the national Belize policy of unwavering support for Taiwan.////