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UDP Convention in Port Loyola

The United Democratic Party held a convention in the Port Loyola Division on Sunday. Love News was there when the polling stations were open and spoke to the new area representative for the UDP after the ballots were counted.

Jose Sanchez: “The UDP Port Loyola convention on Sunday at the S.t John’s Vianney primary school on Faber’s Rd.went off without a hitch. UDP Chairman Alberto August believe  it was good turn out for the party.

Alberto August: The current list for the constituencies 3957 so we could be well on 50% voter turnout which is an excellent numbers. The lines are slowing down right now but this morning we had long lines all the way out to the gate and as you know we have four candidates contesting today’s convention. You have AC Castillo, Dean Samuels, Phillip Willoughby and of course Michael Perryfiete. That is where we are right now, we are expecting to have at least 2000 votes coming in to vote today.

Phillip Willoughby:Straight up I have support from both Senior Mr. Saldivar and Faber as well as others.”

Jose Sanchez: So do you think that is enough then to go against the incumbent who has his own person he is supporting as well. As far as i know there is no incumbent in this race. These area four fresh and new candidates who are aspiring to be the caretaker for Port Loyola. I just have to do what I have to do and I have to be confident in the work that I have done.

Shane Castillo: “This is a stepping stone for me, it’s a learning process and I never give it up. I will try it again win or lose.”

Jose Sanchez: Dean Samuels didn’t have the likes of the Minister of Education or Minister of National Security at his side but he was hopeful of the results.”

Dean Samuels: “ It just good political kicks, after today these guys go back to their division and provide goods and services to there people so for me it’s good optics but again that does not change the fact and the ground or the reality of the people where Port Loyola live, not to knock the honorable Mr. Martinez neither. It was always known that was his favorite choice of  Port Loyola after he leaves. He is a grown man and he can make the decision and decide to support who he wants but for me personally he is not running in the 2020 election and who he supports doesn’t mean that people support who he supports.”

Jose Sanchez: “The man who is the incumbent representative Anthony Martinez supported was Attorney General Michael Perryfiete.”

Michael Perryfiete: “We had good numbers right up until almost 1000 people by 1 o’clock and we had a big part of that number so it feels good.

Jose Sanchez: “What goal for example is Boots playing in terms of helping or assisting to bring out the people.”

Michael Perryfiete: “Big big role he is the primary;  he is the ground commander, the man that brought out the people but most of the people that. I brought out some, Sister B has brought out some, Michael Cocom has brought out some but Boots what we bring dah Brata. Dah boots bring out the people them, a lot of the people.”

Jose Sanchez: “The counting show the people chose Phillip Willoughby for Port.”

Alberto August: “We start with AC Castillo with 33 votes, Dean Samuels with 144 votes, Michael Perryfiete with 847 votes, Phillip Willoughby with 1034 votes.

At the end of the convention, Willoughby won by 187 votes. It remains to be seen how Willoughby will support the area since the support he had from the two senior ministers was deemed by political pundits as a move to stave off a future leadership challenge from Michael Peyrefitte, whom Anthony Martinez had already said had the qualities he wanted in the next leader of the UDP. Willoughby stepped down from his last Government post to enter politics and does not have the funding to campaign within the area and provide financial assistance to residents. Anthony Boots Martinez had indicated he will continue to deliver the goods and services to Port residents.