UDP Finalizes Municipal Candidates, Expects Favorable Numbers Amid Country’s Issues

UDP Finalizes Municipal Candidates, Expects Favorable Numbers Amid Country’s Issues

While the People’s United Party (PUP) is still not forthcoming with their nine municipal slates, the opposition has finalized their mayoral and councilor candidates.  Love News spoke with UDP Chairman, Michael Peyrefitte, who says the party is confident of favorable numbers due to the current issues in the country.

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP: “We have our slates in place. We have all our mayoral candidates and their councils pretty much in place and we’re gearing up to make sure that we can deliver as much as we can from March 6, 2024. We believe that the issues are there for the Belizean people to pronounce on. You see the serious, acute problems that they’re having in Belmopan, in Punta Gorda specifically. and Belize City to a certain extent. And the Belizean people, and I will say this as well, the United Democratic Party is responsible for making sure we put up viable candidates as alternatives to the PUP candidates, but at the same time too we ask the Belizean people to do its part to make sure that they send a message to this PUP that they will not continue to govern unchecked. If you send a message that you still want to endorse the PUP in the municipal elections then what you’re saying is that you’re totally happy with everything that they’re doing. If the PUP is checked March 2024 then they will get it loud and clear that the people are not happy with them. So we ask the people to send that message to Belmopan and to the municipalities that they are not happy with the People’s United Party and that the United Democratic Party is clearly a viable alternative.”

Chairman Peyrefitte furthered his statement by saying there were many applicants expressing interest to run under the red and white tent.

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP: “In most constituencies and municipalities we had more than what was required to run. We’ve had to have conventions in many of the municipalities to ensure that the people selected who they wanted to run. Of course when you have these elections and you’re selecting candidates, you do your best to build consensus. And consensus was built in certain places like Orange Walk, like Belize City, like Corozal. We had a nice convention for San Ignacio and Santa Elena. And we had the mayoral convention for Dangriga and we had a good consensus in Punta Gorda. But we are satisfied. We’re satisfied with the people who will run and represent the UDP come March 2024 and we expect to do much, much better than we did in 2021.”

Municipal elections are slated for March next year.

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