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UDP Holds National Convention in Dangriga

On Sunday, the UDP held its national convention at the Stann Creek Ecumenical High School auditorium where four of five leaders were endorsed and two amendments were made to the party’s constitution.  The event began just after ten o’clock when the Party Leader, Dean Barrow arrived.  We spoke with the Party Chairman, Alberto August on yesterday’s endorsement.


“The Central Executive of our party met on the 7th of January and it was at that meeting that they decided that we now have to proceed to a national convention because the national convention of our party was due in 2015 but you now we had five elections in 2015 so there was no way you could have fit it in so the Central Executive mandated  for us to proceed as soon as possible with the holding of a national convention. That resolution was taken to the National Party council and it was at that time that we decided on a date; the 20th of March in Dangriga. Now we are having that convention.”

As it relates to the amendments to the Party’s Constitution, August says one of them relates to the make-up of the Central Executive while the other had to do with the carrying out of conventions.


“The party has been operating with our secretary general sitting in meetings of the Central Executive Committee and the National Party Council and voting at our national conventions. We just realized that we needed to correct that anomaly and so today we are incorporating the secretary general into the Central Committee of Party where she will sit in the National Party Council meetings and the National Convention has a right to vote at National Conventions of the party. There is another amendment of course, we have also noted that the constitution calls for the sitting of the National Conventions to be held in October of every odd year but it did not give the party the authority to postpone the holding of those conventions. So we amended the constitutions of the party now to give the national party council the authority to hold or to set dates and places for other conventions of our party because as you know the national convention is the supreme authority of our party.”

The convention had the presence of delegates, Area Representatives, members of the Senate, as well as other members and supporters.