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UDP hosts Convention in Toledo

The United Democratic Party held a convention to elect a standard bearer for Toledo East. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the results.

Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent: “A convention for Toledo East UDP Standard Bearer was held yesterday in Punta Gorda. Voting polls opened at 9am and closed at 5 pm. It was followed by the counting of votes. Official results were announced by UDP Chairman Alberto August.

UDP Chairman Albert August: “There was total of 1,936 person who came out vote. Of those 1936 persons we had 27 ballots that were rejected during the counting process, then we had Kenton Parham with 393 votes, Dwayne Wagner with 526 votes and Mr. Dennis Garbbut with 990 votes so your elected standard bearer representing the United Democratic Party in the next general elections is Mr. Dennis Lloyd Garbutt.

Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent: “There after Garbutt took his vote and newly elected Toledo East UDP Standard Bearer. Before departing from the convention location Dennis Garbutt also addressed his jubilant supporters.”

UDP Standard Bearer Dennis Garbutt: “This is humbling for me, I look forward to serve you with everything I could, with everything I have so that we could make the necessary change that Toledo duly needs. Thanks to everybody that was on the road with me, all of the villages and some of the villages that I visited for the first time. Mr. Wagner and Mr. Parham I would like for us to come together, we’re a one United Democratic Party and I must applaud them for running a clean campaign as far as I see it because I don’t see the negative. I saw the positive and I believe that by coming together we could move forward. We will deliver Toledo East to the United Democratic Party come 2020. I want to thank the entire team in Toledo that made it possible.

Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent:The convention process was accommodated at St. Peter Claver RC School. Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent Love News.”