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UDP Launches manifesto for Belize City

The United Democratic Party’s Belize City slate presented its manifesto this morning. The team is being led by Mayoral Candidate and current councilor Dion Leslie. Flanked by the Party leader and Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber and many supporters, the team presented their plan for the City should they retain administration at City Hall. Dion Leslie says they aim to build on the success of previous UDP teams that have held office at City Hall.

Dion Leslie – Mayoral Candidate

“Our manifesto features a number of projects that will continue to improve the physical infrastructure of Belize City. This will enable the growth in commerce, entertainment and in the quality of life for all our residents. Our new focus on the socioeconomic development of Belize City in particular in those areas that are in need of more attention aimed to transform the city’s overall environment into one that is vibrant, clean friendly and safe. Everything we do is to improve the lives of the residents of Belize City. I can speak on behalf of myself and my UDP eleven team when I say that we are honored to present this manifesto today. It is a true representation of the vision of our residents. This plan was not put together by a committee. Which of course they help by putting the pictures and everything together but the ideas or even the candidates, not even ourselves we just helped but rather form the ideas and the positive contributions that the residents of Belize City shared with us while the campaign trail. It is because of this I can proudly say Prime Minister, DPM and everyone in this room, this is your Manifesto, this is your vision.”

Party Leader and Prime Minister Dean Barrow gave the team and their manifesto his unwavering endorsement. Here’s what he said.

Dean Barrow- Party Leader

“I can feel absolutely and un-reservedly comfortable and happy to endorse this team and this manifesto. The motto, the theme of which I believe says it all; Improving Lives,Development you can see, Transformation you can feel. Ladies and gentlemen without a doubt this United Democratic Party Belize City Council has performed at a level that has been unprecedented in the entire history of Municipal Politics.”

And how does the Party Leader feel about their prospects at the poll? Presently the party holds 62 of 67 municipal seats, and party leader Barrow says he is confident this can be replicated.

Dean Barrow- Party Leader

“Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize: “Belize City since this is what we are about this morning there is no doubt that substantial, unprecedented transformation has taken place and while I am not out there on the campaign trail I have absolutely no reason to doubt the reports that I consistently get that people, the public make this point to our candidates as they are campaigning; everything isn’t perfect it is not that all is completely well but that they the voters tell our candidates that there can be no gainsaying that record and that the record is such that in fact the United Democratic Party deserves to be reelected. I think to a greater or lesser degree that is the case countrywide and so I feel that we are able to replicate the previous performance or at any rate not fall very short of it.”

Municipal elections will take place on March 7.