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UDP Leader Says Interference in the Public Sector Did Not Occur During the Barrow Years

On the subject of ministerial interference in the public service, the UDP had a lot to say today, including the fact that Prime Minister Briceno said that had his predecessor made the call, he would not have been hung up on. However, the Public Service Union has long held this criticism from administrations, before the current one. Love News asked the UDP Leader and the party chairman to respond to those criticisms. While Senator Peyrefitte insisted that this did not happen in the Barrow years, Shyne Barrow says that it will not happen under his administration either. Here’s how the two of them put it.

Micheal Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP: “But Dean Barrow would not have made that call, sir. So I don’t take the premise of the question that we did that when we were in government because we didn’t do that at all.” 

Hon. Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “I concede that, certainly, there has been ministerial abuse in all administrations since Independence and before that and certainly under a Shyne Barrow administration, I will not tolerate that. Everyone that knows me, knows how principled I am and I want to help Belizeans and the only way we can help Belizeans is if we stop, as elected legislators, we stop helping ourselves so what the Prime Minister did, I will never do and anybody that does that in my Cabinet will be suspended and will have to deal with the ramifications of any such behaviour.”