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UDP Leader says the Party is in the Healing Process

During the one-hour interview with Faber the discussion of the internal conflicts of the UDP also came up. According to the leader there is work in progress but it is happening at a very slow pace.

Patrick Faber, UDP Leader: “We continue to try to work on our internal differences and that is a process that is progressing well but that is rather slow and slow in a way that of course the Belizean – well firstly the membership of the party and then the Belizean population certainly have been very impatient with because of course when we don’t have our act together the entire party suffers and also the entire country suffers given the kind of climate that we are experiencing in this country at this time with our government. I think it is no secret that there is widespread disbelief, there is widespread non-support for the government in many of its efforts. Criticism is heavy especially on social media but even when you walk out on the streets I as you know I’m a southside representative and when you speak to the people in my constituency it’s a tough plight out there economically, financially and socially people are struggling every day to make ends meet and that’s what people want addressed and the government has not been able to do that. And we understand it’s a struggle, I want people to be very clearly we are not here to criticize the government in isolation of giving good ideas and giving our support but when it is that all these negative things are happening and the government sometimes stays away from doing what it promised it would do -in  fact a lot of times – and the opposition is not quite together then we have of course clamor from our own party and from the wider Belize. So we are desperately trying to work at putting things back together and in fact I think we’re doing a pretty good job of it thought not at the kind of warp speed that is needed by our party membership and the wider citizenry of Belize.”

In the unprecedented situation in the UDP of having the seats of Party Leader and the Opposition Leader split, there are some challenges that the party will have to see how to overcome.

Patrick Faber, UDP Leader: “It does create a problem and in fact as somebody was pointing out it is something that we’re not very used to. I’m not even sure it has happened since post independence ,certainly not in the UDP. Of course in this situation the leader of the party is in the House and it is why I believe the majority of those in the party believe that this ought to be the case. Listen if you sit in our central executive meetings and even now I’m convinced that if you speak to the majority of those former candidates of the party you will understand that those persons want to see the leader of the party be the leader in parliament as well. I had to be taken aback Troy when you said just now that the majority in parliament, well the majority in parliament in terms of who calls the shot to be Leader of the Opposition is one member because of course as you saw there were three members who signed that letter and so one member can make a difference and so we’re hopeful that that situation will resolve itself. I will tell you that one member is the Honorable Hugo Patt. I’ve spoken to Hugo a number of times and Hugo has said to me listen on principle I believe you should be the Leader of the Opposition. Where he is doing his soul searching it’s a process that in fact has taken many in the party including our central executive and the wider number of colleagues in the party and also the membership of the party as I travel around the country I am on a tour of the constituencies now, the constituency executive committees expressing the same to me.”