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UDP Leader Speaks on the Battle for Belmopan

We’ve also been following the situation about the kick-start of the convention season within the UDP. Each of the thirty-one constituencies, save for Albert, Mesopotamia, Collet, Queen’s Square, Corozal North and Belize Rural South, will chose caretaker representatives and executive committees. One that we are closely watching is Belmopan, which is likely to put former Minister of National Security John Saldivar and his former protégé, Khalid Belisle head on. We asked Party Leader Faber about the position of the Saldivar camp that this convention and others are geared at uprooting anyone who opposes him. Faber spoke on the issue.

Patrick Faber, UDP Party Leader: “All I will say is that we didn’t call the convention in Belmopan you know ? In fact the party is in the process as it is expected. The constitution speaks of having these constituency conventions to select committees every two years and you’d remember the last selection of committees was done leading up to the February 2020 convention so right around this time in fact we started to make selections. There was our schedule that last ed I believe up until I think it was the November or December of 2019- much of that schedule including that in Belmopan were not followed. There were delegates and committees anointed and they did not follow the rules and all I’m saying is this time around when we select those executive committees which is due by the constitution we’re going to try to as best as we can use the proper mechanisms so that the kind of hand picking of delegates and executive committees will not prevail this time around and anybody who has a problem with that clearly has an agenda. This is not according to Patrick Faber, this is according to the constitution and the bylaws of our party which are there to guide in these very important matters.”

We note that Belize Rural South has chosen former Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia Junior as its caretaker representative.