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UDP Leader Speaks on the LOO

After spending two weeks in the United States on a somewhat official visit, Leader of the Opposition, Moses Shyne Barrow has come under some heavy criticism by the UDP’s Leader, Patrick Faber. In an appearance on The Morning Show today, Faber says while there may me fruits coming out of the meetings Barrow had, he doesn’t believe that it was done as an initiative by and for the opposition, but rather a personal Shyne Barrow event.

Patrick Faber, UDP Leader: “Certainly I will tell you there was no consultation and not even with us as parliamentarians so I don’t know that he can say that he represented even the opposition parliamentarians. It may have turned out well in terms of the engagements that he made at least publicly but we didn’t know and I’m not going to say anything else other than we did not know. As a party we certainly did not know and as parliamentarians we were never consulted about that missing but the Leader of the Opposition carries a certain freedom I guess to make that kind of engagement. He probably will say that he does not need any kind of permission from other members of the parliament or even the political party which he represents to do that so if that is his position fine. In this instance I think the results at least thus far have been very fruitful it would seem and I am not going to rain on the parade of him working for his constituency, him even trying to make his contributions to strengthen the party in terms of those relationships and especially not rain on the parade of him trying to create those relationships that may help Belize. I’m not going to do that.”