UDP Leaders Unite Ahead of Municipal Elections

UDP Leaders Unite Ahead of Municipal Elections

The United Democratic Party’s former and current leaders have joined forces ahead of the municipal elections, but will it be enough for the party to come back from the blowout it suffered in 2021? Today, the opposition brought out several members of its executive to join in on a rallying cry to support the party’s Belize City’s municipal slate. The opposition believes it will be able to top the polls despite only winning two of the sixty-seven seats in the last elections. Party Leader Moses “Shyne” Barrow was joined by former Patrick Faber for the first time in almost three years.. He says that the electorate has several national issues to contemplate as they head to cast their votes tomorrow and, according to him, send a message to the People’s United Party. 

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “I remember my good cousin, family you know Cordel Hyde you know I think he truly believed that this would be a socialist government. A George Price government that he would have had the power, they are boxing him out right now. The neo hawk conservative Anthony Mahler is trying to run him out of the city and they have no regard for their roots. They have no regard for what the People’s United Party is supposed to be based on which is a social party, social welfare, social leaning party and yes you try to grow the economy to satisfy whatever social leanings you have. So that has been what you guys have been reporting that has been what the people have been feeling, the Caneros tell you, the stevedores tell you, Lord Aschroft tell you, Michael Feinstein tell you. Everybody tells you. Our good friends over at Big Creek they have steamrolled everyone. If you know brother Faber you would know that the gentleman has his integrity, has his principles and he has to be satisfied that us coming together is for the greater good of the nation and while in the rebuilding of the party we had our growing pains and we had our differences of opinions what is at stake is far too important for us to let you know leadership style get in the way of that. I have done my part behind the scenes as a leader to configure my behavior, my style to the satisfaction of my colleagues.”

Former UDP Leader and Collet Area Representative Patrick Faber, while not as optimistic as Barrow, believes that the party’s unification will result in more victories for the party this time around. He also responded to whether he would agree to a change in leadership if the party takes a beating at the polls. 

Patrick Faber, Collet: “The pains that the Belizean people are facing at this time I think that nobody can accuse us of fibbing on that. That is very real, it’s palpable and so they are crying for an alternative and not that we want to win by default but there clearly can be no other possible answer to the problem of governing the Belizean people than the UDP and so we make every effort to enter the elections tomorrow unified and it is my prayer and it is my commitment that I will do what I need to do in order to make sure that that unification commitment lasts into the general elections as well. We are geared up, well oiled and tuned up to win but the UDP has been in this position before. We have been in the doldrums, we have gone to in fact lower than where we were three seats only and we’ve had successive losses after that 1998 loss and we gradually built ourselves back. We kept the same leader, I’m not saying that that is necessarily what must be but politics is dynamic maybe the leader if what you are saying is the case may have some different view on what will happen I don’t know, we don’t know we can’t tell. The dynamics tomorrow will be there but I don’t want to further your point there because it doesn’t make well for what it is we’re trying to achieve which is unification. And so I’ll just leave it at that. Politics is very very dynamic. Tomorrow might be a whole different ball game for the Briceno administration if what our leader predicts is true nine municipalities could go red and it could be a whole different ball game tomorrow.”

The Opposition’s Party Leader also weighed in on the practice of citizens being paid for their vote and says that he is encouraging Belizeans to collect monies from the PUP. 

Reporter: Let’s say outspend the UDP – 

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition:They will outspend us and I am encouraging everybody. I want to know where the pork house is, I will send my people to the pork house that is their oil, that is their oil. At the end of the day Belizeans have proven that they take the oil and vote out who they’re not with and I am so confident that that will be the case tomorrow all across the country. It is not anything – obviously our colleagues on the slates to me are exceptional, we could not have asked for better candidates all across this country but the PUP has failed the Belizean people miserably and you will see that tomorrow. So all that Pickstock, you think that BTB $50 million they will take all of that and still vote against him. They don’t see them, they don’t feel them and our candidates, our standard bearers, our councilors have been working and people are frustrated.”

We note that it is a practice done by both major parties.

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