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The UDP Leadership: Saldivar or Faber?

Three terms are the time limit given for any individual to serve as Prime Minister of Belize. Dean Barrow is at the end of that three term limit and that knowledge has doused the ambitions of Minister of Education Patrick Faber and Minister of National Security John Saldivar to pursue the penultimate leadership role next to that of Prime Minister. But when is the leadership convention? Will the Prime Minister step down early? These are questions we asked the party’s chairman Alberto August this afternoon.

Alberto August – Chairman UDP: “Well, this is going to be the leadership convention and the national convention. The next national convention of our party of course is going to be a big event and we will be preparing for it. You know in terms of the constitution of the country the Prime Minister can only serve three terms in office so his term is constitutionally coming to end with this term and that is going to throw the whole party into a leadership selection process. Our party like I said is dynamic and democratic. Yes, we all know that it is no secret that Minister Saldivar and of course the Honorable Patrick Faber have continued to express interest in being the next leader in the party but that is going to be dependent on the decision of the delegates of our party. You know they have the national convention which is the supreme arm of our party.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: No date set for that as yet?”

Alberto August – Chairman UDP: “No, as you know the Cabinet has requested for the Prime Minister to stay longer to allow for a smoother transition so there are all indications that we might be moving into that sometime like around February of next year.”