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UDP Mayoral Candidate, Phillip Willoughby is full of solutions; will it give him the win?

Mayoral hopeful and UDP Belize City Councillor Phillip Willoughby says he has the solution to remove kids from the streets. If you are a resident of Belize City you have probably seen children running around the city begging for spare change. According to Willoughby the  best solution is to keep those children busy by paying them to clean the streets.

UDP Belize City Councillor Phillip Willoughby:

“You see these young men at the tacos stand or the meat pie shop or the supermarkets begging for money ? We will coordinate and regulate that these kids form teams and for every bag of garbage, we will come up with a pricing scheme whether volume or weight we will ask these kids to bring in their garbage and we will compensate them because it costs the city a lot of money and again this is my ingenuity here dealing with sanitation that we extend monies to pick up garbage in the night with backhoe, dump trucks, men, fuel, hydraulic oil and maintenance so why not put the same cost extended on the evening times on these equipments and salaries and so forth why not put that back into the community’s hand.”


Sir, someone might interpret that as child labor.

UDP Belize City Councillor Phillip Willoughby:

“And again we need to coordinate it properly and we need to instill in our future the importance and necessity to keep the city clean and their environment clean and that is just a motivational compensation for them to say that they are cleaning up their community and their surroundings.”