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UDP mourns the death of former Minister Samuel Rhaburn

Former Government Minister Samuel Rhaburn died yesterday at his home in Crooked Tree Village. The 74-year-old former two-time area representative for Belize Rural North was ill for some time.  Rhaburn was elected as the area representative for Belize Rural North in 1984.  Current area representative, Edmond Castro said Rhaburn was one of his mentors.

Edmond Castro, Minister of Transport and NEMO: “Honorable Sam Rhaburn was the elected area representative under the UDP from 1984 and he won two elections so he won from 84-89 and 89-93 and he as the first UDP area representative to have held that position in Belize Rural North. Prior to that he defeated the Honorable Fred Hunter and then Maxwell Samuels and then myself so I am the second person to hold the position as area representative for Belize Rural North. Honorable Sam Rhaburn has been a mentor to me, way back in 1981-1982 while I was still attending high school I used to help him campaign and help him organize parts of Belize Rural North so he had been a very good friend to myself, Felix Sutherland and many others in the Belize Rural North area. He was the deputy minister under the now Prime Minister honorable Dean Barrow as the Deputy Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Development in the term 84-89 but Sam came at a time when many may not remember that it used to be a ferry going to Bermudian Landing many people forget that that now we have bridge, and thanks to the honorable Samuel Rhaburn to put a bridge there for our people to be able to get across and get rid of the ferry.”