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UDP Presents 40-Page Manifesto 2015 – 2020

The United Democratic Party today launched their manifesto; “The Best is yet to come”. In 40 pages, the UDP has outlined what they will attempt to achieve if they win another term in government. The UDP manifesto touches on economics, social issues, education, tourism and national security. Love News was present for the launching and here are some of the projects that the UDP say they will do if you vote for them.


“But when you read this document, you, as I was am sure, will be struck by how much more in addition to infrastructure the United Democratic Party has accomplished during the last almost four years. It really is a tremendous feast, it is a cornucopia of great things that we have produced for our beloved nation of Belize. So that is the first thing; but of course the manifesto is not principally backward looking.  While it is important that for the record we put down in one place the list of the accomplishments so that people can, for ease of reference, know exactly where to go if they need any reminding of all that’s been done, we are of course even more preoccupied with telescoping what we are going to do in the next United Democratic Party government term of office in signaling what the plans and policies, what the agenda is for the next five years. In looking at our manifesto you will see that we are concentrating on a number of areas  but at the very top you will find that  there is an emphasis on the kinds of structural changes on every facet of government.”

Among the promises, the UDP says it will construct 35 new schools countrywide from pre-school to high school, construct three new hospitals, develop an institute for science and technology and enact bills to enforce transparency and accountability in Public Financial Management.