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UDP Says Everyone Has a Right to Run For Leadership

After the first round of the Village Council Elections, The National Garifuna Council issued a press release, stating that the NCG does not support partisan politics because it hasn’t positively impacted them. The release further stated that they encourage their members to choose leadership that will represent the best interest of the Garinagu. Many who read these statements found it having a racist undertone, the president of the National Garifuna Council, Sheena Zuniga, refuted these comments stating that they are only seeking to retain the integrity of their traditions in the Garifuna communities. Today, our newsroom asked the Chairman of the United Democratic Party, Michael Peyrefitte, what he thinks about the NGC’s comments and he stated that their stance is not in the essence of what a democratic nation is. 

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman: They want more Garinagu people represented in these villages then they should present themselves and offer themselves for leadership. But, I don’t think that it should be limited to just one sector of the society when it comes to representing the people and what’s in the best interest of the villages. I think it should be open to everybody. What is the reverse of that? They in a predominantly hispanic, what if people who live up north, who are predominantly hispanic, say that we don’t want anybody but hispanics running here? I don’t agree with that, with due respect to the National Garifuna Council.”