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UDP Says They Are Ready for Re-registration

Last Wednesday during the meeting of the UDP’s Central Executive, the matter of re-registration was tabled as explained by the Party Chairman, Alberto August.


“Like I said we had a meeting on Wednesday and we discussed the issue of re registration and the redistricting exercise but the position remains the same. Government will be proceeding with the redistricting exercise first and then that will be followed shortly by the re registration of voters. But the Prime Minister told us that he has gotten some preliminary estimates and we are talking about $18 million dollars to conduct the reregistration exercise that is a tremendous amount of money so I don’t know where they will be heading in regards to that but $18 million dollars is not a little bit of money but that is what the initial indication is that the re registration exercise will cost.”

According to Chief Elections Officer, the re-registration should be conducted in July 2017 as per the laws of Belize.