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UDP Senator Questions Appointment of Customs Comptroller

Another issue brought to the floor in this morning’s Senate was the appointment of a Customs Comptroller.  Opposition Senator Michael Peyrefitte spoke on the recent appointment of Estelle Leslie saying that ironically, this was done against the motion of good governance.

Senator Michael Peyrefitte:  This is where Madam President I want to point out something for you how the motion is already ringing hollow fort he government. “At all times faithfully uphold and defend the constitution and laws of Belize.” The constitution says that the Prime Minister cannot advise the Governor General to create or to put the Comptroller of Customs under 107 until the Prime Minister has consulted with the Public Services Commission. I’ve been in contact with the Public Service Commission Madam President and they have informed me that they have not been so consulted. So we have the position of the Comptroller of Customs being put under a 107 provision without the government following the law. So how can you come to this August body and say that you will at all times faithfully uphold and defend the constitution and laws of Belize when from the 30th of December you’ve already broken it. They have not checked with the Public Service Commission for meaningful consultation in order to have the Comptroller of Customs position be under 107 of the constitution.”

PUP’s Lead Senator rejected Peyrefitte’s allegations and spoke on the procedures that the government took in naming a new comptroller.

Estelle Leslie was appointed as the Comptroller of Customs at the end of 2020.  She succeeds Colin Griffith who is slated to demit office at the end of this month.